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Stunning new female string quartet

Cinematica Strings - think your favourite pop songs done "Bridgerton" style with this stunning new female string quartet from Johannesburg. It is the latest project by violinist, Naomi Tagg, sharing her love for string arrangements and making strings more accessible to the wider public. The arrangement is at the heart of the quartet, with these melodies masterfully woven between the four string players.

Cinematica Strings perform pop and film covers for string quartet and had an arrangement by Naomi Tagg featured on HBO’s hit TV show “The Great” in 2022.

Cinematica strings also performs and records as backing strings with singers and solo instrumentalists. Naomi’s string quartet performed as part of the opening for Celine Dion in South Africa and has performed live on London’s BBC Radio 4.

The group is perfect for wedding and corporate entertainment alike. They welcome collaborations of any kind and keep their music current and fresh with new arrangements added each month.


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