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Explosive new violin show

LED violin, female musician, Johannesburg
Naomi Tagg, electrifying South African violinist

South African violinist, Naomi Tagg has launched her new explosive music video - Enemy - a violin cover of the popular song by Imagine Dragons x J.I.D. from Arcane League of Legends. (

It showcases not only her incredible showmanship, but her violin arrangement featuring a more virtuosic side not often seen in these pop covers. In addition, it's recorded with a live band and she is now offering the option of this band joining her onstage (just a peek at the credits and it's an impressive list of Joburg's musicians.) It's also a nice touch to have the violin rocking out with drums, keys, bass and guitar for a change, bringing a more dramatic, rocky edge to this show.

The music is dramatic - think showy pop, dramatic film music, African favourites and edgy Rock all rolled into an impressive 45 min show. Naomi gave 2 shows earlier this year on the Holland America Cruise line with the resident band and received standing ovations (view live footage here:

Her repertoire includes works by Hans Zimmer, Gypsey Kings, Paul McCartney, Miriam Makeba, Max Richter, Adele and Coldplay.

Female violinist in a red dress
Naomi Tagg, dramatic violinist


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