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Neolektra is an exciting and dramatic new show combining strings with percussion, synths and electronics to create an epic show of your favourite film and gaming music. These new-age musical warriors kicked off their debut show at the 2017 Main stage at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival to rave reviews and nearly sold out shows - something unheard of for a newcomer.


Violinist and musical rebel, Naomi Tagg, describes how Neolektra wanted to break away from classical ideas of strings and create an explosive and high impact show featuring strings in way that is accessible to a wider audience.

“We wanted to push boundaries and take our audience on a journey” says Tagg. “We love to explore the more dramatic side of strings as seen in film and gaming music.”

Their revolutionary sound has received international acclaim for their debut album Birth of a Heroine and has been described as “emanating huge emotion", "surreal", and "beautiful….giving your favourite movie score a run for its money”. 

Neolektra’s performances are explosive and coupled with lighting and effects promises to be a highly impactful and dramatic show.


Recommended for featured, main stage entertainment with an option of a more background film set.

Recent past performances include FNB Innovation awards, opening of The Capital Menlyn Maine, National Arts Festival Grahamstown Main program, BBC Radio London live performance.


“incredible, immense power..." 

- Simon Lederman, BBC London


"adventurous, courageous and immensely talented SA musicians" 

- Mike Lowe, The Critter


 “Neolektra leaves their audience spellbound”

- Talk of the Town, SA


“Journey of a lifetime”

- Cue Media, Grahamstown National Arts        Festival


“Not many musicians are able to elicit visualizations with their music, but I could see where Neolektra's music wanted the listener to be every step of the way, and I felt myself there.”

- The Celebrity Cafe

“[NEOLEKTRA] is very dramatic sounding and really leaves an impact on the listener”

- Chase This Tune

“There is some extraordinary talent on show here! The music is extremely dramatic and has a very powerful sound. It leaves you wanting more... This is pure class”

- Booze & Reviews

“Emanating huge emotion, [NEOLEKTRA] combines electronic and classical influences to create a fusion of pure class”

- Whisperin And Hollerin

Trio: Violin, drums and DJ producer / keys

Quintet: 3x strings, DJ producer / keys, drums)

Lighting and smoke are an integral part of the performance. Strongly recommended.


Birth of a Heroine 

Game of Thrones

Images of War

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