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Wedding violinist
South African wedding violinist
Nelspruit Wedding Violinist
Gauteng wedding violin
Naomi Tagg, electric violinist
Naomi Tagg, electric violinist

Internationally acclaimed violinist & composer, Naomi Tagg has performed in over 20 countries and on 4 continents, captivating audiences worldwide. Known for her wide-ranging styles of music, lively personality and gung-ho attitude, Naomi’s performances appeal to diverse audiences. Her love of performing is clear and her energy is infectious.


When she’s not on the stage, Naomi’s second love is pushing musical boundaries in the studio, writing music ranging from film music to house. Her string quartet arrangements can be heard in her string quartet Cinematica, with an arrangement featuring in the popular HBO's series "The Great" in 2022.

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Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted | Violin cover
Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted | Violin cover
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Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted | Violin cover

Havana - Camila Cabello | Naomi Tagg Violin Cover
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Havana - Camila Cabello | Naomi Tagg Violin Cover

Wedding party / festival with DJ + Electric violin | Naomi Tagg
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Wedding party / festival with DJ + Electric violin | Naomi Tagg


Naomi has travelled the world as a solo electric violinist and with South Africa’s first female electric string quartet (formerly Muse SQ), performing extensively in Europe and the UK, Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Russia and Bahrain.


She has performed for global celebrities, royalty, leading political figures and has been part of the opening acts for Sir Elton John, John Legend, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton and Soweto String Quartet.


Whilst spending 6 years in the UK, Naomi performed at many of London’s prestigious venues and events including London Fashion Week and Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Other notable performances included cruise ships, exclusive parties and high-end corporate functions for some of the world’s largest brands.


Not shy to be in the spotlight, Naomi can also be found rocking the dance floor with her electric violin where she's performed alongside DJs across the world, from Cape Town to Monaco, London to Bahrain.


“You were such a hit at our wedding. Everyone loved you!”

- Jenna K, bride

“Such a beautiful soul with an unreal talent”

- JP design

“highly respected violinist”

- The Cromer Times

“Naomi was sensational. Once she started to play, the audience was utterly spellbound and captivated by her music and performance. She has a unique ability to mix classical and modern music in such a way that it appealed to everyone in the room, aged between 18 and 80. Some of the guests even got up to dance to her music! I cannot recommend Naomi highly enough…” 

- Ralph Kamp, London

"Glamorous, punctual, very upbeat and friendly, and was a joy to work with. I will definitely consider booking Naomi again and would highly recommend her."

- Barry McCann, Croi, Dublin




Light, contemporary background music for 15 mins before the ceremony starts. Then music during the ceremony : bridal entrance, signing of the register and exit music with the option of 1-2 requests taken. All music will be discussed and approved by Naomi, and professionally made backing music will accompany the violin.



Modern, fresh sounds of laid-back beats and soaring violin melodies. Perfect for creating a laid- back soundtrack to your wedding drinks reception with a wide range of repertoire from pop ballads to light jazz and soulful lounge. Naomi performs 1- 2 x 45min sets and is able to roam whilst she plays.

Dusk til Dawn





Love the idea of a musician but want a DJ too? This is a perfect and unique option where you can combine the two! As an experienced improviser with an impressive ear, Naomi can also be found rocking the dance floor with her LED electric violin where she's performed alongside DJs across the world, from the nightlife of Manchester and the clubs of London, to the parties of Monaco and the beaches of Bahrain. She is able to freestyle over any song with your DJ of choice (providing they stick to genres suited to the violin such as House and Ibiza-style lounge). Sets are typically in energetic bursts of 15-20mins over 2-3hours and the option to add extra musicians (i.e. sax, percussion, etc) is available on request.

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